BAC Bay Area Combat Podcast #18 Triumphant CEO Geoff Quares Sonny Crazy Eyes Singh Daniel Compton

by | December 16, 2020 | Podcasts

Today’s Podcast Features Muay Thai Allstar, Promoter, CEO, President of Triumphant Geoff Quares. Geoff gives you insight into what it takes to throw your own Muay Thai or MMA event, the behind the scenes perspective of the fight scene and an update on Triumphant 9 to be held November 14th at Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Sonny Crazy Eyes Singh also joins the podcast and breaks down the in the ring experience at a Triumphant event and gives a solid performance and display of the effectiveness of cutting elbows and power arm/body round house kicks. Also featured in this episode is Muay Thai and MMA legend Zach Bunnell displaying his prowess, power and legendary skills in the Triumphant ring.