Bay Area Combat Podcast Episode #24 Steven Tandoi and Anibal Gordo

by | December 16, 2020 | Podcasts

Daniel gets together with undefeated professional MMA fighter Steven Tandoi and Jiu Jitsu purple belt Anibal Gordo for SOME REAL ACTION! That’s right! Steven and Anibal break in our brand new Combat Area for a 7 minute exhibition Jiu Jitsu demonstration. Pre-fight, Daniel talks to each guest about their style, their Jiu Jitsu training background, and what they think will be effective against the other person in the exhibition to follow afterwards. (Skip to 27:40 to go right to the action) After the fight, Tandoi and Gordo break down the fight with Daniel as they watch the video and add in a little bit of commentary along the way. If you like this video please click SUBSCRIBE and leave us a comment. Thanks for watching!